Want to learn how to create your own Revit add-in? The Revit Add-in Bootcamp is a comprehensive course that teaches you how to write your own Revit add-ins using C# and the Revit API.

During the course, you'll learn how to automate tasks in Revit by coding your own time-saving tools using the C# programming language. Using hands-on projects, you will create a new tool each week that you can put to use right away.

Each lesson builds on the previous one so you won’t get overwhelmed by technical jargon or complex concepts. At the end of the course, you will have your own Revit toolbar that you created.

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Course Details

The Revit Add-in Bootcamp Accelerator starts on Monday, February 5th. Over the course of the next nine weeks, you will learn how to create your own Revit add-ins through a combination of pre-recorded videos and live online sessions.

The course includes four training modules. Each module will last two weeks and include a Skill Session, an Office Hours, a Bonus Session, and a Review Session. 

The Skills and Bonus classes occur on alternating Wednesdays. These classes are pre-recorded videos that will be made available every Wednesday at 9 am. During these classes, you will learn new C# and Revit API skills. At the end of the Skills class, I will assign you a Challenge so you can put those new skills into practice.

The Office Hours and Review sessions will be conducted live on the course community website. These sessions are scheduled for Mondays at 3 pm EDT and alternate between Office Hours and Review Sessions. Office hours are open question-and-answer sessions. During the Review Session, we will review the solution to the module's Challenge.   

Each class session (live and pre-recorded) will be approximately 90 minutes long. All live classes will be recorded and posted to the course website. Don't worry if you can't make a specific class; you can always catch up by watching the recording.

 Course Curriculum

Each two-week module of the Revit Add-in Bootcamp course focuses on specific C# and Revit API skills. In addition, you'll get assigned a specific Challenge so you can practice your new skills. The skills you will learn include:

01: Getting started with C#

Alright, let's get started! In this module, you will learn:

  • How to create variables and lists in C#.
  • How to loop through lists and use conditional statements.
  • How to create levels, views, and sheets using the Revit API.

02: Easily create Revit elements

Want to create model elements fast? In this module, you will learn:

  • How to get types from the model.
  • How to work with geometry.
  • How to create walls and MEP elements.

03: Insert and edit families

It's family time! In this module, you will learn:

  • How to read data from an external file.
  • How to create custom data classes.
  • How to insert Revit component families.

04: Build your toolbar!

Now it's time to put it all together! In this module, you will learn:

  • How to create a ribbon in Revit.
  • How to add tools and icons to the ribbon.
  • How to easily deploy your new add-in to other users.

Bonus Material

In addition to the course content, you will also get the following: 

How-To Tutorials

These additional lessons will target specific topis that will help you further develop your C# and Revit programming skills. The tutorials include additional training on Visual Studio, Github, add-in deployment, and more. Plus I host monthly workshops on advanced add-in topics. 

Mentorship Community

Learning to code can be lonely but you won't have to go it alone. You will get access to a private mentorship community where you can ask questions and share your thoughts. This includes Weekly Office Hours and direct instructor access!

Custom Tools

You will also get access to my exclusive Revit add-in template for Visual Studio as well as the ArchSmarter code library. This library contains 100+ useful C# and Revit API methods. Chat GPT subscribers can get my custom GPT for creating Revit add-ins. A huge time saver!

Here's what people say about the Revit Add-in Bootcamp

I cannot overstate how incredibly helpful this course has been for getting started with C# programming in general and Revit add-in programming specifically. Having another person coming from my same, non-computer science background go through things like setting up and using Github and basic programming practices in language I can understand was invaluable. 
- Rebecca T
I'm really surprised how much I learned. Even though there's so much more to the API I think I've got the basic tools I needed to start learning more. Before this class it seemed like I needed to learn to code before I learned to code for Revit, but in this class I was able to do both. This class was exactly what I needed to expand my skill sets, thank you so much for putting it together!
- David B

Frequently Asked Questions

Course Instructor

I'm Michael Kilkelly

I founded ArchSmarter in 2014 to help AEC professionals become more productive and get the best results from their BIM software. I'm an architect, not a computer scientist so I speak your language! 

I am a native New Englander and live in Middletown, CT. In addition to running Archsmarter, I work for IMEG where I design and develop Revit tools as a part of the Automation Team. Previously, I was an Associate at Gehry Partners in Los Angeles. I received my B.Arch from Norwich University and an SMArchS from MIT. Click here to contact me. 

Enrollment and Pricing

The Revit Add-in Bootcamp takes place within the Revit Add-in Academy learning community. Members get access to all the courses and resources, including weekly Office Hours, exclusive How-To tutorials, custom add-in templates, and more. CIick the link below to enroll in the Revit Add-in Bootcamp today! 

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