The Path to Revit Mastery - Step 5

Power User

A Power User is an advanced user of Revit who is experienced with the more high-level features of the software, including family creation and automation using Dynamo or macros. A power user typically acts as the BIM lead on their projects. Power Users also act as trainers, helping less experienced users develop their skills.


  • Create an adaptive component family
  • Create a complex parametric family


  • Load external add-ins
  • Create custom Project Browser views


  • Change project location


  • Automate a complex task using Dynamo
  • Train new Revit users
  • Create a macro to automate a task
  • Transfer project standards from another file
  • Create shared parameters
  • Create / edit Revit templates
  • Create global parameters

Vertical Circulation

  • Create a complex custom stair

Views & Sheets

  • Create new view tags


  • Setup a model for worksharing