Free ArchSmarter Training

Knowing how to use your tools is essential for working smarter. This training will provide you with the skills you need to get your work done better. Check out these free workshops and learn how to create your own time-saving Dynamo scripts or get started learning how to code with C# and the Revit API. 

Dynamo for Revit

In this workshop, I will show you some tips to help you find the right Dynamo node at the right time. We'll take a look at the structure of nodes, how to use lacing and levels, how to find nodes in the node library, and which custom packages you should install right off the bat. 

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Revit Add-ins

Want to learn to create your own Revit add-ins? In this free workshop, l share my top 3 secrets to writing your own add-ins using C# and the Revit API. 

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