ArchSmarter Retirement Sale!

Jan 17, 2023

Wait, you're retiring???

No, not me. It's actually 15 of my courses that are getting put out to pasture. After this, they'll no longer be available for sale. Out with the old, in with the new! Don't get me wrong, these courses are still really useful. They might be a few Revit versions behind but you'll still get a lot of value and impact from them. 


Why am I doing this? 

My course line-up got crowded over the years. This year, I need to focus on what I really enjoy teaching, which is my Revit Add-in Bootcamp course. So, it's product retirement time. 


Here's What's Getting Retired

The following courses will disappear entirely at 12 am EST on Jan 21st. Until then, you can purchase them at 70% off. (Prices have been updated on the site and in the shopping cart. No coupons are required.) The courses include: 

Or you can purchase the Full Access Bundle and get ALL the courses for 70% off. Read more about what’s included with each product in the bundle here:


What's Next?

Again, don't worry. I'm not going away. In 2023, I plan to focus on the Revit Add-in Bootcamp, my comprehensive set of courses that teach you how to build your own Revit add-ins. 


One More Time

Get 70% off all my individual courses or purchase the entire bundle for 70% off. Click here to learn more.

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