BIM Wrapped 2023: A (Lighthearted) Look the Year in AEC Tech

Dec 22, 2023

As we close another year here at ArchSmarter, let's take a moment to reflect on the lighter side of the AEC world. You know, the moments that made us laugh, cry, and sometimes question our sanity. I've crunched the numbers (and, yes, double-checked them) to bring you the most hilariously relatable highlights from our industry. From Ctrl+Z marathons to the ever-elusive perfect Revit model, these stats kept us going through 2023. So, grab your favorite mug (hopefully, it's not already filled with pens), and let's dive into the quirks and quibbles that make our field uniquely ours. Spoiler alert: you're not the only one who's had these experiences!

Without further ado, here's our BIM Wrapped 2023 – guaranteed to bring more smiles than a successfully resolved clash in your next coordination meeting!

  1. "Ctrl + Z" Usage Count: "6,789,432 times – Because who doesn't make mistakes?"
  2. Favorite Go-To Tool: "Coffee Machine – Used 3,257 times more than any CAD software."
  3. Most Overused Phrase: "'Let's align this in the next BIM coordination meeting' – Said 9,874 times, meetings still not aligned."
  4. "How We Handle Bad Revit Models" Award: "1,456 hours spent complaining about them vs. 78 hours fixing them."
  5. Most Frequent Error Message: "'Unexpected Error' – Encountered 12,345 times, and yes, it was always unexpected."
  6. Virtual Meetings Logged: "987 virtual meetings attended, only 10% with the camera on."
  7. "Forgot to Unmute" Incidents: "2,222 times during crucial moments of the meeting."
  8. "Linestyle Management Mayhem" Statistic: "Created 4,567 linestyles, only five used correctly – the rest are just 'creative expressions.'"
  9. "Lost in the Cloud" Moments: "Spent 678 hours looking for files that were 'definitely saved here yesterday.'"
  10. "Software Update Ignored" Reminder Pop-ups: "Ignored 1,234 times – because who has time for updates during a project?"

And there you have it, our whimsical journey through "BIM Wrapped 2023." As we move forward into another year of BIM adventures and technological triumphs, let's embrace humor in our daily challenges. After all, these shared experiences are what make our community unique and resilient. Stay creative, stay collaborative, and most importantly, stay laughing. Until next year's wrap-up, keep building wonders!

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