Need to make a lot of sheets fast?

You’re working on a large, multi-building project. The owner just called and they want to see those enlarged plan and RCP sheets a few days ahead of schedule. Ugh.  

Now you need to create a LOT of sheets fast.

You also need to create all the enlarged plan and RCP views, assign the correct scope box and view template, add the views to the sheets, center the view, then rename and renumber the sheets.

At five buildings each with over twenty floors that’s a total of 200 plan and RCP sheets. Maybe you could finish in 7 hours if you create each sheet in two minutes.

What if you could create each sheet in 2 seconds flat?

 Introducing Smart-Pack for Revit

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Smart-Pack is a productivity add-in for Revit. It includes the most popular Revit macros from the ArchSmarter Toolbox.

Need to import some DWG details into Revit drafting views? There’s a tool for that. What about converting those DWGs to Revit lines? Got you covered. Hate it when your views aren’t aligned from sheet to sheet? Use the Align Views tool to take care of that problem. Need to create lots of sheets and views? Easy.

Smart-Pack was developed to solve real-world problems. Thousands of ArchSmarter readers have tested these tools. They will save you tons of time!

Here's what's included in Smart-Pack: 

  • Batch Insert – Insert multiple DWG and RVT files.
  • Batch Rename – Rename multiple rooms, sheets, and views from a single interface.
  • Power Convert – Convert linked or imported DWG files to Revit lines. 
  • Quick Convert – Convert linked or imported DWG files to a single Revit line style.
  • Replace Font – Replace a specified font with another font of your choice. 
  • Make Sheets – Create multiple sheets using data from a spreadsheet file.
  • Make Views – Create floor plans and RCPs from the current model’s floor levels.
  • Copy Views – Batch duplicate selected views. Select the views and number of copies you need. 
  • Align Views – Align views on different sheets to a selected view.
  • Delete Views – Delete all views or all unused views from the current model.
  • Change Elevation Lineweight – Change the crop line weight of the selected elevation views. 
  • Renumber Doors to Room Numbers – Automatically renumber doors to match the rooms they are in. 
  • Renumber Sheet Sequence – Renumber a sequence of sheets. 

Ready to start saving a TON of time?


When You're Working on a Deadline, Every Mouse Click Counts...

What if you could create sheets in 2 seconds, instead of 2 minutes? How about 200 sheets in 7 minutes instead of 7 hours? What will you do with all that extra time?

What if instead of automating just this one task, you could do this with 4 or 5? How much time would you save then?

Here's what people say about Smart-Pack

"Just downloaded smart-pack and I am so excited to use the features you have included! Thanks again!"
- Payam Rad
"Wow! It really is a smart-pack. This eliminates the need for at least 3 Dynamo graphs. Thank you!"
- C. De La Calzada

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If you aren’t completely satisfied with the Smart-Pack Revit add-in, let us know within the first 14-days for a full refund. No questions asked.

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